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Think Quiche

A quiche is the perfect way to start your morning this holiday season. Baked by Elyse's team with love, our quiches are made with a buttery crust, fresh eggs & cream and your choice of vegetarian or meat varieties. Simply heat in your oven and serve with fresh fruit, juice and coffee and your family & friends will be happy and full!

We love our little holiday poem, "Think Quiche" we hope you will too!

T’was the morning of Christmas and all through the house,

The presents unwrapped and kids starting to grouse,

“What’s for breakfast Mom” you could here them state,

We’re hungry and wonder what to put on our plate.

In an effort to comfort and alas make peace

I have chosen to feed you Quiche from Elyse.

The New Year is coming with amazing holiday haste

Show your friends and family a bit of culinary good taste

Just reheat for moments and sigh with relief

Your family is nourished and filled with good Quiche

Hurry, call the phone number and give us your choice

Sit back, relax, smile and rejoice.

The holidays pass in the eye with a blink

We want to thank you and send just a reminder to think

Of others this season with prayers and to send

Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward Men

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