• suzetter7

Celebrating 50 Years of Green with Ecos

Earth Friendly Products recently celebrated their 50 year anniversary of being a leader in the green product movement. We were honored to cater the party for this tremendous achievement. We used all organic products, and sourced locally wherever possible. (Side note: as it turns out, it is not possibly to locally source berries in the Pacific North West in April. But hey, we tried.)

The meal was a huge success, with a standout being our homemade Chocolate Beet Cake. It was so moist and dense that I couldn't believe it had a root vegetable in it! If you love chocolate, then this cake would work for you. Check out some of the pictures of the event.

If you want to know more about Earth Friendly and their products (ECOS), you can visit their website here.

A huge shout out to the event planner, Angela Hall for planning and coordinating this huge event. Read more about the event here.

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